What is the CSSCGC

The Comp.Sys.Sinclair Crap Games Competition is an annual competition between the regular posters of the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup, and anyone else who can be bothered, to write the crappest game for a sinclair computer. In homage to the "Cascade Cassette 50", a cassette tape stuffed with badly written basic games, released in 1983. It offered the promise of "50 Fantastic Games On One Cassette" and came with a free Timex digital calculator watch!

(the next bit is "borrowed" from Matt Rudge's CSSCGC 2006 website...)

"This next bit is "borrowed" from deKay's site.

It started back in 1996, when a crap game competition was decided upon between the regulars of comp.sys.sinclair following a suggestion by poster Lee Tonks (more commonly known as Blood). Drawing inspiration from Rich Pelley's Crap Game Corner from YS and the aforementioned Cascade monstrosity, it's gone from strength to strength (or something) over the years, with some of the worst games ever created being entered."

So how do I enter?

Simple! all you have to do is write a qualifying game (check the rules for dos and donts)

there are some tips on how to write a crap game over at Your Sinclair a celebration and links to previous competitions at the Unsatisfactory Software Crap Games Finder

The Competition is now closed. See the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup for details of this year's contest