Rule Number 1:
The game must run on a Sinclair computer, or a compatable clone.

Regel Nummer Zwei:
The game may utilise additional hardware for example joysticks or hard disk devices, so long as they are emulated by one of the emulators I will be using for testing (see next rule).

Rule The Third:
The game must be submitted in a format I can open in an emulator. Specifically in one of the following emulators which I will be using: Spin, Eightyone, Fuse 0.8.0. If you decide to write your game for some obscure machine or hardware add-on that isn't emulated by one of those peices of software (e.g. the QL or Z88), then you'll have to give me instructions on what I can emulate it with, and how to set the emulator up. I'll also be sure to put snide comments about how awkward you are in the review :p

Rule IV:
You must only submit games you have written yourself, and you grant permission for any game and materials submitted with it to be distributed freely.

Rule 5 has been cancelled due to engineering work, a replacement bus service is running a reduced schedule. Network Rail apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Rule 0b110:
Multiple submissions are welcome, however updated versions of games are not. If you want to submit an updated version, why not change the name, colour scheme and loading screen. I'm sure no-one will notice...

Rule 7:
I don't like to bring up the topic of censorship, however any game whice I deem unacceptable on grounds of taste and decency will be disqualified. There's nothing wrong with games featuring nudity, but a slideshow of explicit images will be disqualified. Similarly I don't mind the odd joke at the expense of a stereotypical foreigner, but any blatantly racist games will be disqualified. Just use your common sense basically. If I decide a game goes too far I will email you and you can make changes to tone it down a bit and resubmit it, if you don't wish to do that I may review it anyway, but the game will not be eligible to win.

Rule 7b:
Any game submitter attempting to summon Bel-Shamharoth will be automatically disqualified.

Rule 32:
My decision is final, and I reserve the right to change the rules at any time (when someone does something wrong that I didn't think of!). I also reserve the right to do something stupid and blow the server up, so if you see a page of php errors, or the server just times out... you can't say I didn't warn you :p

Rule 0x0A: The competition starts on the 1st of January, and ends on the 31st of December. The Judging/voting will be decided later in the year, and at some point before the end of the competition I will close entries (I'll give you ample warning to put any finishing touches on your game)
Traditionally the loser of the competition has been made to host the following year's competition. Digital Prawn changed this rule for his stint as host, and I foolishly volunteered to host it this year! I think it is always a good idea to have a backup plan, so I will state that the loser has to host the next competition, however if the loser really has no time to host the next competition, or has no access to webspace etc I'll look for a volunteer.