This page is mainly intended to provide information to users of my ROM checksum utility. For a more detailed list of Spectrum ROMs and their checksums see the FAQ wiki.

ROM checksum utility

This program is designed to detect the paging architechture of the ZX Spectrum or clone that it is running on, and generate CRC32 checksums of the ROMs. The current version can recognise all the official Sinclair and Amstrad made ZX Spectrum computers. The TC/TS2068 is not yet supported.
Currently no attempt is made to detect any clone machines so they will be detected incorrectly as the Spectrum model their paging model resembles. Unfortunately the paging routines may cause a crash if the clone's paging architecture differs too much from the Spectrum.

The current version is v0.3 and can be downloaded as a .tap file here.

The program will autorun and generate CRC32 checksums for each 16kB page of the ROM. The program compares these against an internal list of checksums and prints the sum followed by either "Recognised" or "Un-Recognised".

To reduce the size of the program and hence the loading time, only the checksums themselves are stored. The list also only includes checksums for a subset of known ROMs as there are too many different versions of unofficial and clone ROMs for it to be practical to include them all (see Unrecognised ROMs below).

The Recognised ROMs

The table below contains all of the checksums that the tool currently (v0.3) recognises, sorted alphanumerically, with a description of that ROM:

ChecksumROM Description
04448eaaEnglish +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 3 (48K BASIC)
124ad9e0Pentagon 128 ROM 0
17373da2English +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 0 (128K editor)
1f86147aSpanish +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 0 (128K editor)
30c9f490English +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 0 (128K editor)
3dbf351dEnglish +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 2 (+3DOS)
41981d4bSpanish +2 ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
453d86b2Spanish 128 ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
5b283177Spanish +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 0 (128K editor)
5d2e8c66English +2 (grey) ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
5ecf2e13Revised Spanish 128 ROM0 (128K editor and menu)
6010e796Spanish 128 ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
67c11fb9Spanish +2A/+3 V4.0 ROM 3 (48K BASIC)
8ff7a4d148K ROM of Investrónica Inves Spectrum +
98b1320bEnglish +2 ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
a7916b3fEnglish +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 1 (128K syntax checker)
a8a41da548K ROM for Nordic countries by Beckman Innovation AB
a8ac4966Spanish +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 1 (128K syntax checker)
b88fd6e3English +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 3 (48K BASIC)
b96a36beEnglish 128 ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
c684c535French +2 ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
c9a0b748English +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 2 (+3DOS)
d1e6c2d1Spanish +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 1 (128K syntax checker)
ddee531fZX Spectrum ROM for 16K and 48K models
e76799d2English 128 ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
e807d06eSpanish +2 ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
f051746eSpanish 48K ROM (with "FUERA DE PANTALLA" message)
f1b5fa67TC2048 ROM
f1d1d99eEnglish +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 1 (128K syntax checker)
f1d5c1d3Spanish +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 2 (+3DOS)
f5e509c5French +2 ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
f6bb0296Spanish +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 2 (+3DOS)
f6d25389Spanish +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 3 (48K BASIC)

Unrecognised ROMs

The checksum utility shows any ROM which is not in the list above as "Un-Recognised". This doesn't mean that the ROM is unknown however. A list of known ROMs which are not recognised by the utility is available on a separate page

If you have run the checksum utility on your Spectrum or Spectrum clone and recieved a checksum which is not on either of these lists then please send me the details as it may be a completely unknown and undocumented ROM.